7 Tips for turning your Classmates into your Blog visitors

Most of the bloggers in India are students, in my previous post I have featured three interviews of tech bloggers and surprisingly all three of them are still students. So I thought of giving few tips on how to turn your classmates into your blog visitors. Once a B. Tech student approached me and asked about blogging. I gave him all the details like cost of starting a blog, choosing a niche and monetizing and getting an approved adsense account. I said to him that it is by the amount of traffic you could judge whether your site is doing good or not. After a day he came online and I guided him in setting his own blog (blogspot).

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After three months that guy had sent a mail that he had started a WordPress blog. I visited it and saw that it was good. Again after a month, daily I used to get mails to check his blog. I ignored it for few days but one day out of curiosity I visited his blog. To my surprise I saw that his Alexa rank was good, traffic was good, Facebook fans are 100+ and the guy is getting comments too. I was surprised seeing how a two months old blog took off so soon. I sent him a mail asking to chat and those days I used Yahoo messenger. So he came online and he said he is doing good and even applied for Adsense. I asked him how he is getting that much traffic and he said most of them are his classmates and his college friends. He revealed nothing more than that.

So I wanted to know what this guy is doing and I called one of friend who studies in his class who is also my friend. I asked him what that guy does at college to promote his blog. He said that the guy had prepared some slips containing his blog name and he gives it to everyone who is having a net connection at home. He also added that most of the visitors who visit his blog are girls as boys are lazy and most of them are ignoring those slips. But in fact those slips did pretty well and he also got few classmates who wrote for his blog. He also sends mails to all his contacts telling to visit his blog. This was the reason I was getting mails from him daily because he was sending his blog name to all his contacts and I too was one among them.

Adding to his tips I added few more sure working methods to turn your classmates into your blog visitors. I agree you need search engine traffic but in the initial days bringing traffic from search engines is bit difficult and if you want some one really engaging with your blog it would be your friends and classmates. So follow the below tips to bring in some good, quality and engaging traffic. These methods are not only applicable for Indian students but for all students across the globe.

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1. Slip(Piece of paper):

This method may be traditional method but it depicts or resembles mouth to mouth way of promotion. Now if you say to your friend hey visit my blog www.blogingrace.com there are chances that he might well forget after reaching home from college. So I would take little effort and I tear a small slip and on it I will write my blog address and I will give. So there are chances that even if he forgets the name he could get it on the slip. This method is the easiest and most cost effective method all you need is few papers, a pen (costs not more than 30Rs) And your classmates who have an internet connection at home.

Action Plan: In a B.Tech college or a University there are many courses offered and there would be thousands of students among whom at least hundred of them would have internet connection at home. These days 8 out of 10 among B.Tech students would have a PC with internet connection. Prepare few slips and write few words like “It would be pleasure if you would visit my blog (www.blogingrace.com) and read” or you can write “Hey check out my blog www.blogingrace.com and start a blog like mine.” These words are enough to write on a slip and try finding students having net connections at their home. Give few slips to other class friends whom you know and ask them to give those slips to their classmates who have internet connection at their home.

2. Business card:

This method is just an advanced method, instead of using a slip you can create your own business card and can give your details. You can also add up few services like setting up a blog from domain name, hosting and teaching on blogging. You might well turn up a good affiliate marketer too.

Action Plan: Hire a nice graphic designer who could design a simple and professional looking business card for you. Next you need to get those cards print so this method is bit costly but also an effective method as it increases the chances of getting more visitors compared to the above method. If you give a slip most of them throw it but if it a business card they won’t throw it so easily.

If you want a good designer for your Business Cards you can contact Angela McCall

3. Facebook:

This is a powerful weapon, if you are shy and don’t have proper contacts to promote your blog by the above said two methods then try Facebook. Most of the guys at your college have communities or a group for your college. You can share your articles and promote them in your Facebook group. You might not reach everyone in your college or you might not find time for new contacts at you college. You can also find it difficult to know who uses net at home but in Facebook you could know who uses net frequently and can promote your articles in your college group.

Action plan: Join your college Facebook group and if possible some related groups of your niche.

4. Email (Feedburner):

You could prepare a good email with what you get in your blog and send them to your contacts or friends from your mail hopefully you could get few of them visiting your blog. You can send mails to your contacts as soon as you post anything new. If you feel tiresome over sending mails you can add a feedburner subscription box to your blog and ask your classmates to subscribe. So every time you post a new post it ends in their inbox and you need not send them manually every time.

Action Plan: Burn a feed for your blog at feed burner and add a email subscription box to your blog. Initially send emails to your classmates requesting them to visit your blog and ask them to subscribe through your subscription box.

5. SMS:

Simple method among all the methods discussed in this post, all you need to do is send a simple SMS congaing your blog address to all your classmates during evening time. Mention your blog address and say you have something to say in your blog ask them to visit and see. At the end also mention to forward the SMS to their friends in this way too you could promote your blog.

Action plan: Create a group of classmates who have an internet connection at home and send them a beautiful SMS asking them to visit your blog.

6. Seminar:

Methods mentioned above are very simple and effective. I have one more method of promoting your blog in a large scale to your entire college. Organize a seminar on blogging in your college after taking necessary permission from the college authorities. You can publicize your blog and increase your reach in a simple manner through organizing a seminar.

Action plan: Try to arrange a well organized seminar on blogging. Also read: Tips for Organizing a Workshop or Seminar on Blogging

7. Youtube:

This method too is effective, most of the students use Youtube to see videos and if you could promote some cool tutorials and share it with your classmates they would keep visiting your blog to see for any new video you have posted. So every regular visitor is asset for a blogger so don’t leave this method to turn your classmates into your blog visitors in fact regular visitors.

Action plan: create a YouTube channel and upload some interesting and informative videos related to your blog or those which help your classmates or college students.

I hope these are valuable tips for bloggers who are still studying in college. Even if you cant apply all of them try at least few methods and drive traffic to your blog. If you have any other methods of promotion please do share through your comments.


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  1. WOW, such a blasting tips it helps me very much to start my blogging carrier I love to visit your blog daily . sms is very great way to keep remind about the updated post
    Thanks and Regards

    • Hi Gagandeep,
      Thanks for your valuable comment. SMS is not only a great way but is a simple and effective way to increase one’s traffic.
      Keep visiting…

  2. Wow…Vijesh, I’m very honored to see my name here. You are just AWESOME!!!! Thank you for the mention and thank you for referring them to me.

    I guess if I’m going to school still, I would actually give all my classmates a business card. Well, as far as business card is concerned, I’m still in the middle of changing THAT logo on my blog and my business card. Still contemplating whether I should stick by the OLD one or change it to the NEW one. And so will see…

    These are all good tips to increase traffic to your blog. Of course, the traffic is even BETTER if you know these people in person as well. I think engagement online becomes more personal once you talk to them in person. And I’m doing that now too. I’m starting to build up my “network” relationship with the people I meet off line from this MEET-UP group organizations. There are a bunch of them locally here in the valley. And so I think this is the BEST way to engage business with someone. Nothing beats the one you see face-to-face in person.

    Anyway, have a great Sundae! Time just flies. Hope you have a great week my friend.


    • Hi Angela,
      As you said traffic would be better if we know our regular visitors in person, but still I think even we haven’t seen each other we are quite familiar with other similarly we should be engaged with our users to keep our blog an active community.
      Thanks for your comment…

  3. I think Facebook and youtube is most powerfull, reach large amount of traffic, high traffic means good money earned if website is monetized properly.

    Best regards from I. .C Daniel

  4. Vijesh,

    The topic you have chosen is awesome..

    I would like to add 2 MORE points:

    1. Give out the slips to people when you attend a wedding.
    2. Tell friends that they will get a gift if they bring in visitors who can comment their name.


    • Hi Rafi,

      Your tips are cool bro, we can actually keep some slips with us and whenever we meet any friend we can give and ask him to visit, So not only in marriages but each and every occasion except the sad ones can be utilized for good.

      Second tip is an awesome tip brother but it needs proper implementation because sometimes they themselves comment their names using some other fake names so this could be bit dangerous if we dont implement the system properly.

      Thanks for your comment,

  5. adesanmi adedotun

    I can still remember vividly in my university days how my classmate really love free browsing cheat from a local netwwork and how I and a friend (ADELANI OLUWASHINA ) manage to provide atleast one per week, and had it been I had venture in blogging then, I would have tried to dominate the turf I belong to in blogosphere, in fact this really make me feel remorse about my laziness most especially for not venturing into blogging long time ago

    • Haha Adesanmi,
      Its never too late at least you started blogging now and even I regret why I haven’t took blogging seriously when I first did it for time pass.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hello Vijesh,

    These 7 tips to increase blog visitors are new to me like Sending SMS, Slip(piece of paper) are something new to me which I was not aware of to do it but after reading this blog post I came how could I turn my classmates to blog visitor.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • Hi Siddhartha,
      Happy that you could learn something from this post and some of the points mentioned above like slips have worked in a life of a guy and he tasted success too that was the reason why I mentioned it as a post.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • Siddhartha Sinha

        Hi Vijesh,

        You always write something new and is really helpful to me in understanding


  7. adesanmi adedotun

    I can still remember vividly in my university days how my classmate really love free browsing cheat from a local netwwork and how I and a friend (ADELANI OLUWASHINA ) manage to provide atleast one per week, and had it been I had venture in blogging then, I would have tried to dominate the turf I belong to in blogosphere, in fact this really make me feel remorse about my laziness most especially for not venturing into blogging long time ago.
    Although something necessary can still be done tomake use of the people very close to me at this present level

  8. adesanmi adedotun

    I can still remember vividly in my university days how my classmate really love free browsing cheat from a local netwwork and how I and a friend (ADELANI OLUWASHINA ) manage to provide atleast one per week, and had it been I had venture in blogging then, I would have tried to dominate the turf I belong to in blogosphere, in fact this really make me feel remorse about my laziness most especially for not venturing into blogging long time ago.

    Although something necessary can still be done tomake use of the people very close to me at this present level

  9. adesanmi adedotun

    Many bloggers fails because they fail to make use of the available materials within their reaches

  10. Hi Vijesh

    I loved this post about the students. id did not know that most bloggers in India are students. Wow giving out slips of paper is such a simple idea but it worked for that student.

    Great ideas and education we can all learn from, Thanks Vijesh.


  11. Hi Vijesh,

    This is a great post for student bloggers. Lots of great tips! But I think most of these tips can also be utilized by non-student bloggers and business owners in general. They are valid for everyone to use and there are great ideas that we all can use. The paper slips or business cards is a very good idea and they can be given to our friends in church or in events and if we could keep some all the time, it will be a great thing to give away and bring traffic to your blog.

    Thanks Vijesh for a great educating post! Great ideas shared!! Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


  12. Hi Vijesh,

    Such a nice and intersting tips to promote your blog but personaly i use facebook, wechat, whtsapp, hike etc to tell my frnds about my blog. But now i will also try the tips u mention.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hey Vijesh,
    Great post. you write always great content . Was out for past some days but now it feels great to be back.
    Thanks for those wonderful tips 🙂

  14. Hi Vijesh, these are awesome tips dude. There are very easy and helpful to increase the visitors to our sites. Thanks……

  15. Hay Vijesh . The method of getting traffic is good as you written above but this may cause problem to you . Going public is some times is not good for blogger because if you friend and relative visit your blog they may click on you ad more frequently that may cause invalid activity and it may lead to disable your adsense account

  16. great article and need to follow these all steps to introduce my blog in my class.

  17. hey,

    I have a page of facebook, video on youtube.I find that slip method is useful.It can be distributed in office also
    if everything is happening good than more method can be implemented.I like slip methodology for a good start.


  18. Some of your suggestions seems effective and nice. Writing fresh posts like this one really makes the right impression on all of us (bloggers). I like the way promotion via slips but unfortunately your post came late and I have completed my college 3 years back.
    Still nicely explained and effective.

  19. That Paper advertising thing is what i do…!
    Anyway nice info Vijesh.

  20. Most of your tips will work for sure and help us to get trraffic will try these methods soon

  21. I have used this method very well.

    Thanks for sharing this type of artice.

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