Retrospective: Building a Blog which generated 2000+ Unique visitors a day in just 3 months

Mobiada 4

All those who have been my regular readers here at Blog in Grace missed my updates from past few months. To be precise I have been not very active from the month of January. There are several reasons for my inactivity and the major reason is I have been working on a start up of mine. Yes you heard it right I took a different direction from a regular 9 […]

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Fix these missing elements before you publish your eBook

Amazon Kindle E-Reader, America - 23 Dec 2010

After the advent of iPad, kindle and tablets, growth of writers planning their own eBooks have taken a leap. These days few top notch bloggers are in need of Freelance writers who could write some chapters for them. Most of the cases many people won’t write all the chapters in their eBook instead they do it by hiring some good Freelancers who write their ideas in a more professional way […]

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8 Types of posts to Make your Readers Love your Blog


Why do people love only some blogs? Why most of the newbie bloggers who thought to blog end up their journey so quickly? Its obvious that we expect results once we publish our epic blog post. Most of the time we have no audience at all, we expect hundreds of comments but the post ends up with one or two comments. Its all because bloggers won’t write what most people search […]

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14 Free WordPress theme frameworks to spice up your Blog’s Look in 2014


Blogging took a completely new direction in 2013, now I predict it is going to take an even bigger leap this year. 2014 is not going to be a dull year as the competition becomes more tougher. As a blogger one needs to be more innovative and productive this year in order to gain a good readership. No matter how Google changes its algorithms, you’ve got to keep blogging in order […]

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This year my blog flopped badly, It’s time to plan for 2014


Being a successful blogger is tough. Having your blog make it past year one is even more so and generating revenue can at times seem next to impossible. So, for those blogs that have successfully gotten over these humps — and made it look easy — I want to congratulate you. This year blogging has been a bitter experience for new bloggers, better experience for seasoned bloggers, happiest experience for […]

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How to auto-publish your latest blog posts to Twitter


When I first started Blog in Grace I never used social sharing buttons. I always concentrated on writing content but never cared on adding a social bookmarking widget. But as days went by I had to add these social networking buttons as Angela one of my online blogging friend insisted me to do so.  Later she insisted me to use twitter handler too which I never knew before. My basic […]

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7 deadly mistakes to avoid when choosing your domain name

mistakes happen

Choosing a right domain name for your Blog, website or your online business should be done in a right manner so as to taste success without any problems. People always prefer to read the title of the cover before they actually end up in reading the whole book. So is the same case for a domain name, its the very first impression a person gets about your business or blog […]

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